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Hurley (assisted placement)

0 Pounds
Labrador Retriever


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Hurley - female 9 mo
Very lovable and loves to cuddle
She listens well and knows simple commands. She knows not to get on the furniture unless given permission.
She likes to be mainly indoors. I believe she has some separation anxiety and needs to be around other dogs or someone that is always home.
She is up to date on all shots, spayed and she has a microchip.

Laser (Spankee)

White - with Black
46 Pounds
English Pointer

This is Spankee! Affectionately called "Laser" as in laser pointer since I am a POINTER and not a Dalmatian! CAN SOMEONE SAY BIRD CRAZY??? that is me I am told.. BIRD CRAZY! ha ha

I am young and can run and play all evening and I even have a playtime at noon too when we get to eat! But other than that I am all alone in a kennel. But I do have my own bed and some pretty music.

The other dogs can't seem to keep up with me at play times as I am always looking and sniffing for something everywhere... like BIRDS!! I love attention though and wiggle so much you can't see my tail! I am a happy boy!

Housebroken with a doggie door and good with kids (they pay more attention to me!) and silly cats, since they are NOT birds, there does not seem to be much wrong with me other than I am a BIRD DOG in a Dalmatian kennel! Who will EVER find me here???? Dalmatian people don't come looking for a BIRD DOG (typically anyway) so I fear I may never find a home! NEVER! and will be lonely forever... sniff

Are YOU looking for a bird dog?? really??? REALLY!!?? OH MY I am so excited my tail is about to wag off!

COME SEE ME!! I am a bird dog! I am! I am a bird dog! I am just what you are looking for! I promise! I will wait here and keep watching down the street for you to come! I AM SO EXCITED!... HURRY!!! Before my tail wags off!!


Black - with White
0 Pounds
Labrador Retriever

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