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White - with Black
40 Pounds
Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)

I am new here (more pics later) and I LOVE IT as being a younger gal I have tons of other dogs to play with in the kennels at playtime. But I do spent A LOT of time sitting and looking longingly at the house where I would RATHER be. I am a perfect house dog, and I am friendly and loving and sweet (ok when I am TERRIFIED and someone keeps pushing me I might snap at them to back off but only when I am TERRIFIED) due to this though they said NO YOUNG KIDS.. but other dogs and cats are just fine.. and once I settled in at my new home I would LOVE LOVE LOVE young kids I know (and not to take a bite of) still they said no.. sigh..

If you don't have young kids and you can give me time to stop being scared, you can come get me and let me show you how to ENJOY live and have FUN and get tons of hugs and doggie kisses and waggy tails and butts! I am a really good girl just looking for a really good home! Are you that home? hope so!!!!!

Ashley (or Dottie as everyone calls me!)

Laser (Spankee)

White - with Black
46 Pounds
English Pointer

This is Spankee! Affectionately called "Laser" as in laser pointer since I am a POINTER and not a Dalmatian! CAN SOMEONE SAY BIRD CRAZY??? that is me I am told.. BIRD CRAZY! ha ha

I am young and can run and play all evening and I even have a playtime at noon too when we get to eat! But other than that I am all alone in a kennel. But I do have my own bed and some pretty music.

The other dogs can't seem to keep up with me at play times as I am always looking and sniffing for something everywhere... like BIRDS!! I love attention though and wiggle so much you can't see my tail! I am a happy boy!

Housebroken with a doggie door and good with kids (they pay more attention to me!) and silly cats, since they are NOT birds, there does not seem to be much wrong with me other than I am a BIRD DOG in a Dalmatian kennel! Who will EVER find me here???? Dalmatian people don't come looking for a BIRD DOG (typically anyway) so I fear I may never find a home! NEVER! and will be lonely forever... sniff

Are YOU looking for a bird dog?? really??? REALLY!!?? OH MY I am so excited my tail is about to wag off!

COME SEE ME!! I am a bird dog! I am! I am a bird dog! I am just what you are looking for! I promise! I will wait here and keep watching down the street for you to come! I AM SO EXCITED!... HURRY!!! Before my tail wags off!!


Black - with White
0 Pounds
Labrador Retriever

This beautiful Labmatian (half lab, half Dalmatian) was found as a stray and given away to a home with many dogs, where he should have been happy. Yet he still seemed to be constantly searching for whatever it was he had lost, leaving and only coming back that day when tired or hungry. Constantly searching, appearing very sad, reserved and wary, this unhappiness, as well as the safety issue of leaving the fenced yard, was his reason for being reluctantly surrendered to rescue, in the hopes we could help him find his heart, his 'soul-mate' again and be the happy, carefree, loving, trusting creature we all can see deep in his sad eyes.

Calm, easy going, smart, and obedient, Warrior seems to solemnly tolerate whatever life throws at him, and does well around most all people, dogs and cats, yet he has a very sensitive nature and will quietly and quickly leave if there is any tension or raised voices around him. A quick call back and head hug will calm his fears and he will sigh and lay back down. He thrives on having a 'person' to call his own and although he is ok with most other dogs, he would be fine without them and it would be just fine with him to be the only dog in his person's life. He is such a wonderful creature, we only wish he were happy here and we envy the person who someday he chooses to call his own.

Depressed and sad, we get brief flashes of the potential happy dog he could be, when we first get home, as he is then all bouncy wiggle butts, tail wags, silly smiles and it warms our hearts for a bit! Away from the kennels and in the home on weekends, he is well behaved, housebroken, and loyal, and will sleep on the foot of your bed if you will allow him as he prefers to be close to you so he can watch over you and feel more secure himself. But still sad and quiet, as to protect himself from more heartache, Warrior never seems to totally give all of himself, always holding back waiting for the next change to take it all away again. Although he has lost the spark in his eyes and the spring in his step, you can still see that he has it all locked inside just BUSTING to get out, once his life is stable and secure again.

Can you help us find Warriors heart? If you do, he will bond to you for life and as long as he is around, you will never ever be alone again. That is his promise to his person. He needs YOU as much as YOU need him. We both know this is true.

Don't let this beautiful soul hurt any longer. Schedule an appt today to meet your soul-mate for life and change his and your world one more time, but this time, forever.

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