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Meadow (now called Mylee)

I'm back at the rescue after being adopted a few years ago, so I may need some updated photos. We all know a woman never tells her age, but here is my bio from 2007:

I have been in a foster home that says I am happy and want all the attention. To the point of I might need to be an only dog. I don't want ANYONE getting what is mine! Or at least a dog who is patient with me. I just LOVE my humans you see! .. I do like to play with other dogs (alot!) but I am sure jealous of MY people. They said I am really good on a leash and I know basic commands and am a good girl in the house (ok ok.. as long as you put the trash up) and don't have a cat I can chase!

That is pretty good for a dog like me don't you think?? So if you are looking for that ONE dog to shower you with all the love in the world and behave dang good at home for a dog, come see me!!! I also love to play with kids.. they are pretty dang cool.. I just think I need my family to myself..and not share them with any other dog. Although a dog who is patient and been around the block with a dog like me could probably put me in my place (not that I want them to that is!!) I LIKE being the PRINCESS!

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