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40 Pounds
Bull Terrier

I am a young happy happy very playful and excited pup! I love everything and everyone! I wiggle nonstop and want to make you has happy as I am! I am deaf so I can't hear you, but I can read your face and body language well! So I am very trainable to do whatever you need or want me to do! I love playing with almost every dog I meet, but I refuse to be constantly bullied by other females. Love me and I will love them! I can't tolerate a bully though, it just isn't right!

Come be my friend! I love love love Friends!



0 Pounds
Great Dane

My name is LOVE (because I am such a love) but my friends call me FLUFFY! Don't ask me why?? Crazy, I know...

I was living on my own not trusting anyone for a while.. kind people were feeding me. Took awhile but I decided that all that LOVIN'S was worth it! Wow.. I LOVE cuddles and hugs and leaning on you. Being born deaf, I was misunderstood and not handled well. BUT now that they all know I am deaf, they are soooo nice to me and I SMOTHER them in love. I am playful and have NO IDEA how big I am (140lbs) and only want to sit in your lap or sleep laying on you. I love playing with other dogs and get along great with small chi's and cats!  I do still chew when bored so.. beware of that! Otherwise, I am the best horse...  uh dog ever! EVERYONE loves me, but I could accidentally knock down young toddlers and I suppose I could accidentally step on small dogs if they are not watching me, but I would NEVER mean to do so. I have a big deep bark when something startles me, you see being almost albino, I don't see really clear sometimes, depending on the light, so I need a minute to smell you and make sure you are one of the good guys... then watch out... love smothering is coming fast!

I like it here but would be nice to get MORE lovings in a home of my own. Spoil me.... I DARE YOU!  heh heh

LOVE (Fluffy to you!)


26 Pounds

This is Misty, I am a little 7 year old who tends to get along with most dogs but can be very bossy with some other dogs, doesnt matter the size, if I like em, I like em.. if not... well I will tell them about it all the time. I also do not like cats. Other than that I am the sweetest playful most cuddly little thing ever! What's a girl gonna do? We all have are quirks... Mine isn't so bad if you will be the boss but if you won't, I will just do that job for you, ok?


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