RockySpot Rescue
P.O. Box 98
Newcastle, Oklahoma 73065
(405) 699-7358

Note from the President


Having a love and compassion for animals is one thing, having the energy and drive to help them is quite another! With no intention of starting a purebred rescue, life has a way of "evolving". Some of us are fortunate to find our lives passion, usually quite by accident too! And it is amazing how when you do, we find our energy and drive as well!

In the mid 90's, doing what way too many uninformed people do, I was having litters of adorable puppies, not realizing the responsibility of that action. In today's throwaway society, we have a horrible pet overpopulation problem. Especially with the Dalmatian breed due to the popularity the various movies have caused. Two dogs and their offspring can produce up to 62,000 lives in as little as 6 yrs!!! That is way too many animals than there are homes for, and that is only out of ONE PAIR of dogs! Visiting the euthanizing room of any animal shelter in the nation will show you how many wonderful, loving, sweet lives have to pay for our irresponsibility. People just do not understand the damage they cause by having "just one litter of puppies" and giving or selling them unaltered "to good homes". It hit me like a ton of bricks that I (yes, me and my litter on the ground now) was contributing to the millions of animal deaths in our nations kill shelters.

Trembling with fear of what I would find, I scoured the shelters with my puppy pictures. Before I knew it I had 16 rescue Dalmatians (none mine by the way) and had moved from Norman to an acreage in Newcastle.

In June 2000, with the aid of a couple of other animal loving fools, we incorporated the RockySpot and became a 5013 nonprofit group eligible for donations in order to support our mission, which is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abandoned, abused or unwanted dogs with strong emphasis on the Dalmatian breed.


In late 2000, we realized we needed more space and started trying to build kennels for the massive amount of dogs we were handling, but with most of our donated funds going toward dog care and upkeep, and volunteers with building skills being scarce, the going was very slow.

In late 2005 we joined forces with Oklahoma Beagle Rescue ( and by early 2006, with their help and determination, we are pleased to say the kennels are almost finished and finally up and functioning! The 12 heated/cooled indoor/outdoor runs can house 30 dogs comfortably. It was a long haul but well worth the efforts. You can see our progress at the Kennel Link


Besides trying to save all the abandoned Dalmatians in our area kill shelters, we counsel, train, and educate current and future Dalmatian owners in an attempt to KEEP all Dalmatians in their current or future homes. Many times health and behavior problems associated with a Dalmatian can be alleviated with the proper food, exercise and medication. Dalmatians are a WONDERFUL breed. There is no better soul mate or companion than a well trained, healthy and loved Dalmatian. No other breed values humans and human contact more. A destructive, temperamental, HYPER Dalmatian is a neglected (emotionally abused) Dalmatian. This holds true for most dogs in general!


Why rescue you ask? So many have special needs. Most have been abused, mishandled, starved, and neglected emotionally as well as physically and have lifetime scars to prove it. They ALL deserve a second chance.
Dali was one of them. At the tender age of 2 she was found living in horrible condition with 200 other dogs. Deaf (genetically 1-12 are born deaf) and mostly feral, she had had little if ANY human touch most of her life which is critical for deaf dogs. Dali was taken to the Tulsa Human Society where she lived 2 MORE yrs untouchable and was eventually deemed unadoptable and put on death row. At this point RockySpot took her and spent the next year working with her, teaching her human touch was a GOOD thing. Dali finally went to her forever home in WY. The last update from her new mom is that she is like a child seeing the world for the first time. She spends HOURS looking at the mountains and all the wildlife it holds, bald eagles soaring overhead keeps her wide eyed and fascinated. Her mom says she is truly her SOUL MATE and she forever wonders how she lived without her. Tucked up in the Rockies, cuddling by the fire or eagerly going on a trail walk, Dali has finally found her heaven.

THIS is why we do rescue.