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Before I came to RSR I was very sick and lost most of my hair. I've been to the vet a few times, and took some icky medicine but my skin looks much better now, and I'm sure my hair will all be back before you know it.

I am a TINY TINY little 8 lb wisp of a kid, but I can run and bounce and wiggle and then cuddle down and warm your lap anytime you are sitting! I love to warm laps! And I love to cuddle with the old dogs at the rescue, as they are always sleeping somewhere and I can tell they are cold so I warm them up and make them feel better! That's why I am here, they made me feel better so now it is MY TURN to make everyone else feel better! I am learning the dog door really well but being so tiny, and it being so BIG and heavy, it is really hard to open sometimes. Housebreaking is going slow for me as even when the door is open I sometimes just don't wanna go out and use the rug. But I won't give up! And soon I will have all my hair back and be ready for a home of my own!

Come foster me until I am ready to adopt and I will warm your lap and your bed, and make YOU feel better too! That's what I do! I am really good at it!

Love Minion

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