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George Bob

Special Needs requires special home!

The best dog in the world. That's George Bob. Good with everything and everyone and housebroken to a T.. gentle and kind!! Such a grand gentleman love! Such and EASY dog.. GOTTA LOVE THIS BIG OLE LAB!

George however is special needs due to an apparent broken front foot when he was young that was never set and allowed to heal improperly. This causes him some discomfort from the arthritis in that limb, some times more than others. Although he limps and licks that foot from time to time, he still runs and plays with a ball and can jump on the porch (or the bed if you allow! He LOVES the bed, or anywhere you are) Storms scare him some and he wants to be close to you, but he is fine if he is inside alone, as long as he can get to where your smell is to feel safe. If alone outside when a storm comes in, this senior dog will go over a 4ft fence and head to safer ground fast as he can (bad front leg or not!) So being outside alone is not an option for GB as we fear this is why he was a 'stray' at the shelter to begin with!

He is on normal senior dog supplements (fish oil, antioxidants and glucosamine) as well as 2x day anti-inflammatory meds, pain meds when needed and once a month Adequen shots for his arthritis. He will need to stay on these medications and have regular checkups with a vet to monitor the anti-inflammatory use.

GB just oozes LOVE out of every pore of his body and when you look into his sweet eyes you can see he lovingly bares his soul for you. He needs a stimulating home to call his own where he can live life to the fullest. He may be a senior but he says he is NOT old and still wants to go places, experience new things and have grand adventures! He needs a home who will make him a big part of the family and spend a lot of time with him but one that is also sensitive to his special needs and sets limits (as he won't if he thinks it pleases you for him to keep going) so as to not over tire or cause his leg more pain. He needs a home that will return as much love as he is flooding them with. He only wants to make those he love happy. There is no better dog ever than GB and we should know as we have met a lot of dogs!

It will be hard to see GB leave us but we know he deserves more. He deserves to be THE ONE!! not just one of many... even if he is THE SPECIAL ONE of many.

Are you THE ONE for George Bob?

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