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Standing in the middle of May Ave at dusk is not the smartest thing I have ever done, BUT it did save me! Bumping me with her car ( but only winding me) I was lucky enough to have 'hit' upon the local rescue person! I would like to take credit for that bit of "smartness' but guess I best be honest about it! LOL

I have been at the rescue some time now as they felt I belonged to someone and they would be looking, signs posted and all, no one came for me even though I was spayed and an all around good gal! Come to find out I probably was in the mess I was in on May Ave due to my desire to go over 4 ft fences to get to people! I HATE being alone with no people or even a dog to play with! I can't help that!

I just love ALL dogs and ALL people and EVERYTHING .. ok not cats.. I think that is because I was having to catch my own food for a bit and they remind me of that?? Otherwise I have no clue why I wanna chase them and bite at them. My ONLY fault they say.. sigh.. that and being young and full of energy. I need a home that will run with me or spend a lot of time with me. AND if you have another dog that would be great too as I LOVE to play play play with them. I am obedient and know some commands too. Someone spent some time with me in the past and now they say I just need to 'grow up' some and mature.. heh heh.. NEVER!! Young forever is my Motto!

Come see me if you are looking for an active playmate who will sleep when you sleep and cuddle when you want but run and play when you say LETS GO!!

May (after the street I hit the car on!)

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